Some of us will be familiar with this term and not everyone will know this. Let’s say its Sunday afternoon and you are working on an assignment to be completed before Monday. The fact is that the work was given 3 days back and it was not done yet. Have this situation ever happened to you? What went wrong? Even though we had 3 days to do it, we only rush it in the last moment and we may even curse ourselves for not starting it early. It’s just the habit of postponing task for a later day or time. This can be collectively termed as Procrastination. You purposefully choose to postpone what was to be done today to tomorrow.
The reasons for procrastination can be manifold like laziness, lack of time etc. Procrastination involves ignoring unpleasant, but more important tasks in favour of something which is more enjoyable or easier for us. At the same time laziness is inactivity or an unwillingness to act upon something.
We are falling for this habit of procrastinating things which seems to be harmless but is something that can have serious consequences. This habit can make you feel guilty or ashamed as for not doing it on time. Saying goes “Time and Money waits for none” This completes a procrastinate. Procrastination can lead to reduced productivity and prevent us from achieving our goals. This can also lead to depression and can be a reason for us being terminated from our job.
Habitual procrastination can be overcome by following simple steps. The first one is to be aware that we are procrastinating. Awareness creates agility. Secondly, we must be able to prioritize our work in the order of their relevance and importance. Thirdly, get rid of the thought that you are doing a boring work. This thought can be very harmful and forces us to procrastinate things. A strong desire to get rid of procrastination can make you a good decision maker and earn success in life.
Don’t procrastinate and make life worth living.