Self Respect

“Remember no one can make you inferior without your consent” – Roosevelt.
Self respect is a quality which is extremely important for the dignity, confidence and personality of an individual. People with self respect have the courage of accepting their mistakes. They exhibit certain toughness, a kind of moral courage and they display character.
To live without self respect is like lying down on an uncomfortable bed that we have made for ourselves. Such people are willing to take risks. They invest something of themselves in what they undertake to do and they know the odds. Self respect is a kind of discipline, a habit of mind that can never fail an individual.
Without self respect we are at the mercy of those, whom we hold to contempt, we play roles which are doomed to fail. It is a phenomenon which can be called alienation from self to free ourselves from expectations of others.
Self respect has nothing to do with the approval of others, and one’s repute. People with self respect do not seek the approval of others they owe for their own satisfaction. This is only which people with self respect can do.
Thus self respecting people do not need the crutches of others to walk with. Without self respect one loses one’s own identity, like trying to cross a border with borrowed credentials. Such people have low self – esteem, and lack confidence in their abilities. They are parasites, whose dependence on others, does not let them succeed in. Self respect can be developed by thinking positively about oneself and not by trying to seek the approval of others in whatever we do.