FLOOD- The Demon

The flood tore down everything that stood in its way, leaving millions of shards, as if broken hope had become visible. It was not long before it struck their homes, their work of many years, were washed away as if it were nothing. And so their grief flowed with the brown water rising, twisting, raw power without conscience, we could understand one fact. NOT EVERY CLOUD- has a silver lining.
The streets lie below turbid water, sickly green- brown like the river, carrying the trash that usually adorns the sidewalks. Though the rain has stopped, the rain still feels just as damp and the clouds that brought this on us are yet to depart. The city had gorged itself on the floods, and its skin had swelled and burst in places. Garbage had spread all over the roads. Fishes, snakes, stationary, trinkets, wilted green vegetables, plastic bottles and even human body. Without the usual press of people, the ill lit streets sounded hollow, amplifying the smallest of sounds.
The water swirls turbid and brown. In that soup of mud and debris washes away the hopes of our farmers and thus the village as a whole. How we had prayed for the rain to kiss our parched soils, for that precious water to ignite life into the fields then how we prayed it to stop. But the droplets fell thick and fast, rendering us unable to see even a few yards ahead of us and turning the rivers to swollen tyrant, its surface filled with millions of drops.
The flood was no longer water. It was a twisted vile shape, that tore down lives and homes. Its icy teeth bit away at the unprotected ankles that were submerged in its glory. The water is so thick that it’s like gravy and it moves with a power that we haven’t seen in many a year. In a few short weeks it will be our gentle friend once more, sparkling prettily. But for now it is the enemy and must be treated with respect and formidable foe deserves.
Mrs. Shalini Mathews
HOD- Linguistics
Speedwings Aviation Academy