Generation Gap is explained as the difference of ideologies and opinions between people belonging to two different generations. Generation Gap can be viewed in many terms related to their spoken language, style of clothing and fashion, their own views and thoughts, values and morals etc. It is very difficult to fill up unless they would not spent time with each other and tries to accept each other as they are.
The main reason behind the generation gap is mainly the lack of time for communication and understanding each other inside the family members. Another reason of generation gap is the increased competition among people in area of education and professional life, which makes people so involved in their own life thus they don’t get time for their loved ones and just make their isolated world from others.
Technology in 21st century has been completely changed, compare to it was in the 19th. Today’s kids are so smarter and forwarded that they automatically learn to efficiently operate electronic gadgets faster than elders; in fact some time they teach their elders to use and operate this new advance technology.
The best way for people to overcome generation gap among people of different age group is to spend their time with each other and try to understand and appreciate others with their own views and morals.