“Photography is the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation” – Wikipedia.
This article is about what photography means to me, how I got my interest and passion for photography and about photography in general.

The first camera that I used was a Sony Handycam video camera which was 4 megapixels (MP), though 4 MP isn’t anything compared to these days, to me it was a big deal. I used to take random pictures and videos. I believe this is how my interest towards photography had begun.

When my dad bought a Canon 550D, DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera in like the year 2010, I barely knew anything about. My brother and I, experimented the different modes of the camera and were totally confused and amazed both at the same time. Slowly I had understood I had a passion for photography. We had 3 lenses; 18-55mm wide angle, 75-300mm zoom and 50mm block lens (The 50mm is the best lens I’ve got.) and also a tripod. In the beginning I never even used the zoom or block lens but later when I started using the block lens I noticed the differences in the image quality.

Once you start becoming passionate about photography, you will want to take pictures of everything, you’ll become more observant and everything becomes more beautiful. Before I take a picture of anything I get this image of what the picture would turn out to be and so sometimes I’ll have to take multiple images of the same thing just to get it the way I pictured it in my mind. It may not always come of the way I want it to but there are times when the picture turns out to be way more beautiful than I even imagined. You get this amazing feeling when you capture those images.

Photography is more than just taking pictures! It’s about capturing the emotion in a photo. Black and white (B&W) photos was a craze of mine, without colour itself you can portray the emotions. I get a nostalgic feeling when I look at my older B&W pictures. This is what keeps you going, the emotions you feel after you get that right image, “that million dollar picture”. Basically capturing an image is just the light in the area you are focusing on that goes into your camera lens, onto the image sensor and then converting the light signals into electrical signals that shows up on the screen of the camera.

What is the meaning of Photography? Literally ‘photo’=light and ‘graphy’= drawing or drawing with light. This reminds me of what you can do with a camera, a flash light or any movable source of light and a dark area. You can write your name with the light and do any sort of random things and get mesmerising images. This is called ‘Light Painting’. For example


At times I do night time photography. I love capturing the stars in the night sky not only that, you get to see the stars you couldn’t see with your own eyes! The constellations are pretty cool to see, that is if you know the constellations. I only know two which are ‘The big dipper’ and ‘Orion’, you can identify these easily. Orion is my favourite as there are 3 stars that is aligned with each other, it is called ‘Orion’s belt’. You can’t see a lot of the stars in cities as there’s a lot of light pollution. My suggestion is going to remote places and try to get the stars.

I’m more interested in Motorcycles, Cars and also Macro photography. Macro photography is about capturing images of small objects or insects, etc. I was really surprised to see the picture of a dragon fly that I had taken, the intricate details that you can see once you look closely at the dragon fly is so beautiful. Not only that but even tiny flowers look more beautiful in the close ups. Also you have to be very patient while taking the close up or macro pictures as the insects are kind of hard to capture as they move around a lot and also you have to try to remain steady as you move to capture the picture. Only recently I’ve become interested in motorcycles and cars, nowadays called “Motography”. This is pretty cool for me as I get to see more beauty of the vehicle especially cars, the look of each high end or sports car is amazing to see. Almost all of the sporty cars have an aggressive look but some may have a totally weird look too.
The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is very true. So to all the fellow aspiring photographers keep on clicking. Try to capture all those memorable moments and share them with your family and friends.

Here are some picture that I’ve taken, hope you like them.



“Maybe the bike is dangerous, but the passion the cars for me is second to the bike” – Valentino Rossi


“The bullet is one of those bikes you just have to take it slow and feel the bike and enjoy the ride.”


“The BMW M5 may look calm on the outside but it’s hiding a V8 under the hood”


Lamborghini Aventador –“Money can’t buy you happiness buy its better to cry in a Lamborghini.”


“Childhood is the time we miss the most, even going to the beach is just amazing.”