The World & Travel

It started off before the Jesus, before Caesar, before Alexander the Great. So where did it start? What is it?


It is travelling that dates back to the day mankind was created. Men travelled for food, men travelled to earn a living, men travelled to establish new empire, men travelled to know the world.


Travelling has brought in a lot of changes to the world from the prehistoric period to the world we see now. People started to interact, exchange cultures & traditions and loved each other beyond national & international boundaries.


Travel is the lifeblood of the world’s existence and without it the world comes to a standstill.


A common man needs to travel, a business executive needs to travel, the diplomats , the king and a slave needs to travel either to earn a living or to grab an opportunity or explore the unexplored.


The fact is that the major part of the earth is still unexplored. Mysteries are yet to be unveiled. And for that the only go is to travel, travel & travel.