Train the Brain: A Road to Self Sufficiency

Train the Brain: A Road to Self Sufficiency


As we see in the real world, figuratively the emerging technologies made the world into the hands of man. There is sufficient access for those you need and know through the computer or mobile, which opens the door to the virtual world. People need not to travel anywhere to acquire whichever he wants. Nowadays this leads to lot of health issues like cholesterol, heart diseases, etc. Therefore, those doctors prescribe health workouts to burn up the fats. Men and women go for the gymnastics, yoga, and other martial arts for better health. Some of them work hard to develop muscles and some of them may not. However, most of the people are forgetting to train one of the powerful muscle the world ever seen, which is your brain. Your brain is the strongest muscle and your biggest enemy. Train it well.

Human brain is divergent, mysterious and efficient (works 24hr /365 days). In addition, it has billions of nerve cells arranged in patterns that coordinate thought, emotion, behavior, movement, and sensation. A complicated highway system of nerves connects your brain to the rest of your body, so communication can occur in split seconds. It is complex, vast and starts working from the time of birth. In this article, it is not about a rocket science thing, which you cannot understand. It is about why you should train it to excel yourself.

Observation: Knowing is owning. What is seeing is, you are looking per se, but it is actually filtering, interpreting, searching for meaning. Observation is about perceiving your environment. There is always a change happening. People do not actually care what is happening around them. Observing helps us to gather information from environment. Environment here refers to not only nature but also our day-to-day life. From the time an embryo in womb, starts to observe things around it. Between 2 to 10 years of age, a baby’s ability to observe is very high. De facto, the baby copies everything around it. This is why it learns language and other games etc. Now, the babies start using mobile phones. The more baby gets elder the baby exposed to lot of distractions. This is why people tend to observe less around them. The more you read, the more you observe, its gaining knowledge.

Love the Obstacles: Now a days, people are not ready to take risks. Obstacles are the opportunities exercise your brain to make work of it into different levels. It simulates unused parts of the brain by making new connections. People who faced many problems in childhood will be more intelligent when gets elder. In recent years, studies show that, children have fewer problems to solve because they ask parents or somebody help them to solve it. Ipso facto in future, it may lead people less intelligent generations. In my opinion, you face trouble only at the beginning, at first, give a chance yourself try to solve the problem, only if you cannot find solution at any cost, you should only ask for help. Once solve it yourself and it is not big a deal, success and hard work will be next motivation to the self-sufficiency. Did you know? When you skip your breakfast, the brain eats itself to make energy to work, which causes short-term memory loss. In addition, your brain can grow by learning new languages, researching or reengineering your day-to-day life, solving new problems or riddles (without help), etc. the brain itself develop new pathways which is connected to. This is why physiotherapy mainly focuses on training and developing unused part of the brain, which linked to the damaged part of the body, which could be called self-healing.

Memory Palace Technique: Memory is an ocean of information, which you perceived through your life. When you sleep, the information’s you gathered recently, brain itself ferries those to other parts of the brain. So that, those can be recalled in future. Memory palace technique is a method, which you can, store a lot of information, and retain it really fast. You can virtually store any of data or information in your brain as much as you want. A man named Simonidies invented this technique back in 477 B.C. Did you ever happened that, when you get home you place your car keys at the table or key stand, when you go outside, you remember the exact location where the key is. Well, this notion into your virtual imagination. You just want pick a real place which you already know that place well, say a your home. When you open the door to the home, you pick different and big objects eg. table, chair, T.V, fan or AC etc. and you have to number it like 1,2,3,4… Actually, you don’t need to memorize these things, you already know the locations of these things in your house don’t you? You just have to number those. Close your eyes. After that, you recall this in order and reverse again and again. And then informations which you want to remember, you have to connect with these obects. Its like you visit a real place in your mind you can save anything in your imagination virtually. In fact you have to visit these mind palace as much as you can, which help you to recall informations more faster.

Your “I can” is so much important than your IQ. Optimistic attitude is all matters here. In our country, people are bothered about “what others think?” Use ethics a tool for your optimistic attitude gives you the gracious advantage. Before asking help from others, “think” what you can do? The mindset of successful people is that – Dream beyond the possibility, Greater the risk; greater the profit you get. Millionaires do things today what others won’t, so you can do what others can’t.