The Beauty of Nature

Nature is a pristine work of art. Beauty oozes out from every pore of it. Whether it’s the desserts of Sahara or the dense forests of Amazon, there is a unique beauty to everything in nature. From the innumerable varieties of plants to the large variety of animals, there is a lot of nature out there to admire. The whole nature reveals a divine source which makes it so marvellous.
Can we ever guess the beauty that a caterpillar would have before it becomes a butterfly? Aren’t we fascinated by the fact that fish has no salt in it even though it’s living in the ocean? Do we ever believe that a small tadpole would turn into a frog? There are so much wonders in nature that it would be impossible to list them all. To top it all off, we have human beings.
There are two schools of thought regarding nature. In one way of thinking, human beings are a part of nature. A person thinking in this way would argue that there is no specialty in mankind except the high intelligence. It is as much a part of nature as a monkey or a lion. This view, although imaginable, doesn’t give us much self-respect.
In the other way of thinking, whatever is untouched by man is nature in its original form. This puts man above nature. Mankind has the freedom to make nature more wonderful or to destroy it.Unfortunately, humans have chosen to pollute and harm it out of their own selfishness.When we look at the fate of Ganga and other major rivers of India, we doubt whether we are using the freedom that we have in the right way.
But there are cases where man has added to the beauty of nature by being a part of it. Certain works of architecture are so much in harmony with nature that we are astounded by its beauty.Leonardo Da Vinci found out the Fibonacci sequence in his observation of flowers and other minute things of nature. He found that buildings constructed based on this sequence had more aesthetic appeal and beauty. This confirms the fact that we have a lot to learn from nature in making our world beautiful again.
A lot of our inventions have come from carefully observing nature. Whether it be the aeroplanes which draw considerably from the flight of a bird in the air or the submarines which draw their design from the large fishes in the sea, the wonderful nature is yet to reveal countless secrets if we keep observing it. There is something about nature that captures our eye and makes us revel in it.
In the hustle and bustle of city life, there is still a longing in the minds of people for the untouched beauty of nature. Some people satisfy this longing by taking long trips to remote places where the nature is still fresh. Others are content by having a beautiful desktop background of a scene from nature on their computer. Still others watch the rising and setting of the sun and are satisfied.
Even if we are never able to visit the Niagara Falls or take a trip down the Nile, there is so much of nature around us that we miss just because we have a lot of tensions in our mind. If we observe the little things in nature like the beauty of a shell or the way the birds make a nest by picking up the twigs, it would have a soothing effect on our minds. So, let’s sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature with all its wonders and miracles.