Women’s Day

Like any other morning, this morning started with the usual course of activities at our home. It was a pretty normal day for me and everyone else in the house.
So what’s the difference between today and any other day?
Just a few additional things happened today. My phone inbox was flooded with some 40 odd messages, which I forwarded to my friends far and near. The newspapers both online and offline, were full of articles portraying different perceptions people held for this day. FB was full of images with the message of ‘Happy Women’s Day’ and about 100 women tagged on each of them.
It’s not that I don’t respect the achievements of women and her contribution to the world, or that we don’t appreciate initiatives for women empowerment. But making women feel so very important and special on this particular day, true messages and wishes and labeling this day as the ‘International Women’s Day’ just doesn’t suit my understanding.
Sitting with us and talking to us about this day would make you realize the fact that making us feel special on this day by showing unusual respect or taking us out for dinner, gifting us the things we love is not really we would necessarily like. These things are just to pretend to the outer world that everyone has a positive approach towards women and that everyone respects them and treat them with equality. But what you fail to realize is that just showing isn’t equivalent to feeling the same from the core of your hearts.
March 8th has been marked as the International Women’s Day since 1900 to celebrate the social, economic and political achievements of women. The day also marks the call to action for accelerating gender parity .However, the sensitivity that is associated with the issue of women empowerment and parity can be judged from the fact that it’s been over a 100 years we still need a “Women’s day “to respect women and treat us well .Whereas, it is the approach towards women for the entire year that should define the celebration of this day on the 8th of March
Let’s all question ourselves -are woman safe and secure around all of you? Are we given rights equal to men? If yes, then are we actually able to exercise those rights? Do you treat them equally in our minds and hearts as well?
Trying to answer these questions yields more doubts in our minds rather than answers. Hence, we avoid them the fact that you don’t have answers to these questions signifies how happy this day must be for the women around us .
The entire year goes in satisfying “male ego “, satisfying the urge of being the ‘superior’ gender through rapes, molestation and public humiliation. Suddenly on the 8th of March, we treat the same inferior gender as goddess!
People argue that women are being treated well and are being given equal opportunities on the basis of a sample space that hardly forms 5%-10% of the entire population .But what they neglect is the way they are treated in the rest of the space .
Do the wishes count? Do they change the perception and understanding of men towards women? Does the standing of the women in the society become the way she want it to be and not the way the egoistic male wants? When the answer to all these is a NO, then how can you say that the wishes of a happy woman’s day are ever valid? It’s all a myth
A day cannot solve the plight of women in the mind of the entire society .What I contend is that you should mend your behavior in a way that you no longer need the crutch of a ‘women’s Day’ to treat females fairly and equally .