Are we stranded…???

The question is apt for most of us who once led a peaceful life. The life on the whole has changed drastically. We are stuck in the virtual web of gadgets and gizmos. The coils created by them are so thick that we don’t stand a chance to break open the strand.

“Complacent we were, complacent we are and complacent we will be” but for how long? The studies conducted says that 100 years from now people will not have food, only a handful of life supporting medicines shall suffice their need. The lethargy you have when you talk to your parents or dear ones does not apply to the social media. The more we are in these the more happy we are. We are now leading an addicted life, but we are never addicted to life. It’s high time to conduct a self analysis to know how different we are from our past. Our thoughts have changed, our attitude has changed. Technology has deprived us with a peaceful life. The loud lament of women and children is echoing our streets.

Change is inevitable. Think for yourself, enlighten yourself and live the life you once imagined. Take the road which is less travelled and be the change. Let the world know heaven and hell is here. A famous saying goes “You are the creator of your own destiny.” Understand the pith and substance of this and act judiciously.

“If winter comes can spring be far behind.”